September has been quite the month. Flying a lot during  the arrivals, showday and departures at Sanicole Airshow. And just recently, relaxing in the UK and taking some photos of the Porsche Turbo. Below a couple of the results.

New book and promo on prints

My latest project, a small book showing the beauty of flight, is now available via this link: For those interested in prints from any of my photos. There’s currently a promo going on till September 4, offering 20% off and free shipping on all my prints and merch. More information on my webshop:  


Spain being a couple of weeks ago, Sanicole airshow still a week away and being unemployed is giving me some time to edit old photos. I do this once in a while. Just browsing through old albums and editing pictures I overlooked, or simply re-editing photos. It’s a good thing as my editing is constantly…


I finally managed to finish editing all my photos from my trip to the south of Spain. There are a lot of photos, but the series is very diverse. A first part is focussing on the vibrant colours that can be found in Andalusia. The blue skies, painted buildings, green palm trees, orange sunsets, ……


Last March it was ten years ago since I started aviation photography. Since that day I always tried to capture all aspects of aviation. 3 years ago I tried to show that in a self published book, CloudHead. The book sure had many flaws and I learned a lot in the process of making and…