Bronco Night Shoot

A first look at the results from the night shoot with the Bronco Demo Team.

Tiger F-16 part II

Click link for the first part:

What an A2A photo flight looks like.

Last september I did several flights during the Sanicole Airshow. (as a member of the Aviation PhotoCrew) While focussing on taking photos, I also tried to film a couple of seconds when I had the chance. I have now edit some of these together. Nothing special (didn’t even add music, so watch out if you use…

Quick Pic: Super Puma

Life can be strange and full of unfortunate events. I joined in on this flight as an extra and could snap about 3 decent photos of this Super Puma. They didn’t look that special and I maybe wouldn’t even post them if it wasn’t for what happened with this helicopter. About a week after this…