Mig 23 Crash 1989 in Belgium (updated)

Just opened the newspaper (De Morgen Sat 03/03/12) and came across an interesting article.

On the 4th of July 1989 a Mig 23 took off in Poland for a training flight. Soon after take off the pilot experienced engine trouble and decided to ejected. While hanging on his parachute he realized that his engine wasn’t completely failed, and he saw his plane flying away. What happened next is funny and sad at the same time. The plane flew from Poland across the two Germanys, further over the Netherlands to Belgium. 2 F-15 had intercepted it by now, only to see that the plane was luckily unarmed and to their surprise also unmanned! If the plane would cross the French border, armed Mirages would shoot it down. But the Russian Jet crashed in Bellegem (Belgium), close to the French border, killing a 19 (other sources state 18) year old boy…

Later the Russians picked up the plane and payed the costs…


Radiocommunication from the F-15’s (Thanks to Nils Steyaert)


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