Peoples Mosquito update

It’s been two months since I posted a little piece about the Peoples Mosquito. Time for a little update isn’t it?

For those who missed the first post:

For those who don’t want to click the link, here is a little summary:

The People’s Mosquito has a simple aim: to see the return to the UK skies of the de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito. During the Second World War many aircraft were funded by the people: companies, towns, villages and organisations. We would like to repeat that model by asking the people of the United Kingdom to help us restore to airworthy condition this magnificent flying memorial that captures the spirit, the pride, the design brilliance and above all the bravery of our country.

The first stage of this vision is to gauge your reaction. Do you ‘the People’ want this to happen? If you do then tell us by contacting us via Twitter @peoplesmosquito or on Facebook or Google+, or by leaving a comment on the site.   Our number one goal, once the project is completed, as during the war, is to hand the aircraft over to the RAF, in this case the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, to operate.


So far concerning the theory, but what now?

Well, for those not knowing anything about planes, they don’t come for free… So you could give this project a good start by donating. Or by spreading the word! For more info about how to help:



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