I got this blog tweeted to me yesterday.

It’s not all about aviation, but it has some very well written articles. Not to mention the cool lay-out.

It’s worth a visit, a follow and a like!


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  1. shortfinals says:

    Thank you very much for the kind comment! The actual content is 50% aviation, and there is a very useful ‘search’ box at the bottom of each page. There is a LOT of U.S. content, as well as coverage of aviation in the U.K. Cheers!


    1. apron6 says:

      you’re welcome, I enjoyed reading it!


      1. shortfinals says:

        Next up will be a post on a very rare Howard 500 !


      2. apron6 says:

        thats a double engined plane? Looks like a duck?


      3. shortfinals says:

        Twin-engine….looks like a stretched Ventura….very, very rare; post (with pic) coming within 2 or 3 days!


      4. apron6 says:

        good looking plane. Looking forward!


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