Devin Pickering mailed me on facebook about a project he’s working on. Devin is an American videographer who is currently working on a documentary film ‘Aerodrome’.

Our goal is to complete a short documentary that profiles the Aerodrome, the bi-planes, and the pilots who fly them. AERODROME would utilize a combination of cinematic in-air footage, as well as high-speed cameras to capture the feeling of flight, while also offering a meditation on one of man’s greatest achievements at the turn of the 20th century. You are leaving the impersonal skies of modern air travel, and entering the world where flight began.

The aerodrome in this film is the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in Rhinebeck, New York. It’s a flying museum with a large collection of  aeroplanes from the 1900-1935 period. The golden years of aviation. Besides the planes there are cars, motorcycles, engines and memorabilia.

But producing a documentary like this doesn’t come for free, thats why the producing team is currently looking for funds. Via ‘Kickstarter’ you can make a donation yourself!

For more information and to make you donation click here.

For a trailer you can click the link below.

Don’t forget to like and share this post (or the kickstarter link) and to donate and make this project possible.


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