Aviation Bucket List

Earlier today Huw Hopkins (aviation photographer) posted on Twitter that he was working on a Aviation Bucketlist. Seemed like a great idea so I decided to make a little list myself. It consists of airshows and places I’d like to visit; planes I like to see and things I’d like to do. It’s not ‘the’ list. It’s changeable; things can be added or things can get crossed out if I did them.

If I had the time and/or money, I would definitely go for all of them…


Oshkosh EAA Airventure

A trip on an aircraft carrier

Iceland (I’ve seen some real nice movies of flying above volcano’s, landing on ice, …)

New-Zealand (Warbirds, lot’s of them and an amazing scenery.)


Russian military planes; I don’t care what… (Flying)

Swordfish (A2A)

B29 (Flying)

Lancaster (A2A)

Jetman Yves Rossy (A2A)

A-7 Corsair (A2A)

Viggen (Flying)

Mosquito (Flying)

Constellation (air to air or fly in it)

Dragon Lady (An active plane, the one in the Duxford Museum doesn’t count!)

Stunt plane doing aerobatics (Already photographed them air to air but in straight flight) (A2A)

To do

Edge of space flight

backseat p51

backseat spitfire

Stuntteam ride

Visit some more museums in the UK as well in America and exotic locations.

Fly a jet (Fouga if possible)

Being winched up by a heli


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