Hangar Queen

“I can’t do both”. That’s the answer people get from me when they ask why I don’t film besides taking photo’s. And the answer is what it is; I simply can’t do both. That is in normal circumstances. During our trip with the photocrew to Lahr the circumstances weren’t normal. Everything was more relaxed. No photoflying with the ‘stress’ of capturing that one moment. The reason for our visit was the Breitling Super Constellation which had an engine problem. That’s why it was standing in the hangar; doing nothing but standing. This give me plenty of time to photograph and film her. I have never filmed before with the intention to make something of the footage. But this time I gave it a try but I have to admit; I’m shit in videographing! The footage was to short, way to static and it’s all shaky. But hey, you got to start somewhere! I decided to ‘edit’ it in Photoshop Premiere Pro first, but that’s a little above my level and my trial version ended way to soon. So then I just went for the amateur, easy, ‘I can’t do a thing’ program: IMovie. Which is basically the standard movie editing program on a Macbook. But at least I managed to get something out of it. Before you actually watch the movie you should know I didn’t had the intention to make a movie full of action, it was more like a bunch of impressions collected in one film. Constructive comments are certainly welcome.


5 thoughts on “Hangar Queen

  1. If I stood next to The Queen my hands would shake too 😉 As far I remember there are some software tools for video image stabilization, maybe they could help. However I like this shaking, very moody movie.


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