Nightshoot making-of

The previous pictures from the nightshoot with the Breitling Dakota wouldn’t have been possible without great effort from quite allot of people. First of all we needed some lights to lighten up this (big) plane. We also wanted some water so we would have reflections on the ground. And that’s where the trouble started. The watertruck got stuck in the sandy ground. A tractor tried to pull the truck out of it’s problems, but didn’t manage to move it. Water was being flowed out of the truck to make it lighter. Unfortunately that didn’t help either. In the end, the re-enactors got their giant military truck and pulled the truck out of the sand. Many people worked very hard on that (way too) hot evening to get everything right for our pictures. The pictures are a big thank you to all those people. Also the Breitling crew should be thanked for running their engines!



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