The beginning

While searching on for some air to air photo’s, I came across Eric’s picture from my first Skyvan flight (the second flight in total if I remember well). It brought back so many memories.

The guy on the left; thats me. A little bit scared but also very happy and lucky for sure. I had joined the Photocrew only a couple of months before, and there I already sat, at the edge of an open cargodoor. This shoot was planned at the Chipmeet at the airfield of Zoersel. At that moment  I couldn’t imagine that this airfield would host our own aviation event for the next 3 years to come.

We were extremely lucky with the flight that day. Not only did we have one of the best photoships, we also had some very special planes flying behind it. I had never seen a 9-ship Chipmunk formation before and I have never seen it since. Besides that we had a Yak-18, Yak-50, Turbo Commander, Twin Star, Piaggio and my personal highlight: the Foxmoth! To make things perfect, we had a fabulous sunset.

I’ll never forget the moment I strapped myself in for the first time. I couldn’t stop thinking that a strap was the only thing that prevented me from falling out of a plane, straight into another plane’s propellor. During the flight I felt more and more comfortable and I ended at the edge of the ramp. That was until the Foxmoth joined up. He decided to show us what close formation flying is. And looking through a wide angle lens he looked way to close for comfort. I have to admit I crawled back a little (as you can see on the picture)

This flight was the start of many Skyvan flights to come. Thanks to the Skyvan flights I have had the chance to meet many new people and see allot of thing I have dreamed off…

To see what we have done so far you can visit our Photocrew website:

Me on the left.

One of the results was this picture. I’ve posted it before (


For more pictures of this flight I would like to refer to some earlier blogposts.


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