Becoming a réal aviation photographer

I have another upload on ‘How is that possible?!’; I hear you think. Apparently my picture isn’t off-center; the contrast is ideal; it’s even perfectly level! It isn’t a Sint-Maarten landing shot or an interior photo either. Anyway, besides these ridiculous rules that are detrimental to photography and the bad taste of most of the viewers, airliners also has it’s advantages. You can reach a very large audience in one upload and sometimes I need to put my principles aside for that.

Unfortunately half of my pictures aren’t airliners compatible. They’re edited to much, there is to much of the pilot visible (I actually got pictures rejected because of that),…That’s why I’ll have to stick to the air to air pictures. I’ll upload a new one right away, as apparently you’re not a real aviation photographer unless you have pictures on… I guess…—Air/General-Dynamics-F-16CG/2214515/&sid=97bb4f0a7dd5447a89cf7373aa4b82e2

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-18 om 08.04.55


6 thoughts on “Becoming a réal aviation photographer

  1. I’ve known a few people who tried submitting pretty much flawless pictures to that site only to be rejected. One or two resubmitted their pictures with no adjustments made to the original submission and got accepted.

    It seem a bit of a crap shoot and very much up to the discretion of the particular judge who sees your picture. If you look at enough pictures there, you’ll find more than a few that break the site’s own rules.


      1. I was aware of that but I thought he wasn’t following me. It’s my bad, as I hadn’t checked the email followers. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way that I can unsubscribe you. I think you should be able to click an unsubscribe button on the homepage?
        I’m sorry that you wish to unfollow me!


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