Today was a good day

Today was a good day at the internet. I found quite some nice things.

Let’s start with this cool video. Really makes me want to photograph aerobatic planes air to air. I’ve already seen allot of things but never had the chance to photograph any of those planes when they do crazy things.

Similar and equally cool. Kirby Chambliss giving surfer Gabriel Villaran a new experience.

And to end 10 great pictures from the Dragon Lady. Now let’s add stuntplanes (air to air) and a the Dragon Lady to my bucket list.


5 thoughts on “Today was a good day

  1. Nice capture of the EA300! Can’t see the Pitts though. You’d love our field – every mark of Extra (200, 300L, 300S, 330LX, 330SC), Pitts S1 (mine) and S2, a variety of Yaks (11, 50, 52 etc) as well as some fab vintage machines, oh and I’ve also been known to fly a Sukhoi 29. We do a fair bit of playing around 🙂


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