Drop it or not?

I launched a question on the Apron6.com facebookpage about my idea to stop updating aviationphotography.be.  I always post the best pictures on this blog for people to watch them. When I finish an album I upload the entire album (those I posted here + some additional pictures that aren’t good enough to post here) on aviationphotography.be. That worked fine but then I started a facebook page for this blog. I upload the pictures on there as well. So I started to wonder if it is still necessary to have 3 different sites. Thats how I started to think to quit the original website and continue with this blog and the FB page. Instead of uploading the full albums on the website, I would upload them on the facebook page. I want to do this because I think  that 3 different sites is to much and that this blog, combined with the facebook page (to keep updated and as a portfolio), would work better.

I don’t want to change anything before I know what the visitors think. So I would appreciate it if you would take a minute of your time to tell me what you think! Is it necessary to continue with aviationphotography.be or is the new idea a good one?


Schermafbeelding 2013-01-24 om 15.06.39
Keep it or not?

2 thoughts on “Drop it or not?

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