As promised a last couple of pictures for the Constellation album. Again focussing on the people rather than the plane. I will upload the entire album on soon.

I had popped the question on a previous blogpost if I should keep that website. On facebook I got some reactions that I should definitely keep it, so that is what I will do. I decided to give it a facelift so I hope to present  the ‘new’ website in the upcoming days. It should match much better with the blog too.

Also this blog will change a little. I will continue to focus on my photography and inspirational photo’s or video that I find on the internet. But I will also cut it with the irrelevant posts. This means, by example, that I won’t be posting any book reviews anymore (though I might recommend the good ones on our facebook/twitter page). What I want is to get back to the original idea of giving a creative impression on aviation.

I’d also like to film some short movies in the future, when I’m ‘out in the field’. I would like to upload those on the Apron6 Vimeo page so I could use them in blogposts. If you have any thoughts about this or about the pictures, you can always post them in a comment!




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