I’m very happy to present you my ‘new’ website. I decided to keep the site, but only of the lay-out would change. The major change is the color. I went for a white lay out to keep it young, fresh, bright and because I was tired of the black. The home page has become much more simplistic. One simple picture and two subtle social media buttons. Also the photo-albums page has changed. The simple clickable dates are gone. Now you have 1 picture for each year that will guide you to the list of albums for that year. Also the blog page had a minor update. The link is gone and replaced by the Apron6 logo. The last major change is the about page. I didn’t want any dull text so I went for 8 simple buttons that will guide you to the websites that tell you more about who I am and what I do.

Only one thing has to be changed and that’s the triangle picture on the homepage. When I upload the first new album I will make it clickable. It will become a link to the latest album.

As always; feedback is welcome.

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-30 om 17.14.19


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