Dakota Departure

It’s time for a first picture of the new album. It will be a few photo’s from the Sunday at the Photoflying Days last summer.

I already posted one picture of that day as an update then. It can be seen here: https://apron6.wordpress.com/2012/08/19/photoflying-days-sunday/

As promised then, I’ll show you the rest of the pictures in next couple of updates.

We had the luck to have the Breitling Dakota at our event. It should have been the Constellation, but unfortunately the Connie couldn’t make it. Thats the reason why we payed her a visit at Lahr (See the link below). With the Connie out, Breitling decided to treat us with the Dakota. That way we had 2 Daks to show the public.

On the picture (and the one in the link) I went for a harsher editing. A little HDR (without overdoing it) to get more out of the colours as well as the lighting. I think it only made it a little more epic than it already was. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.



The Constellation photo’s can be seen here:



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