Flying Car

Why would you buy a flying car if you can take your car with you in your plane. That is what the Skyvan Crew must have thought. They simply take their car with them. Getting it in the skyvan is a rather tricky job. It really is a matter of good aim. I had seen it before when we were on trips with the skyvan. But during the last day of the Photoflying Days I thought I might as well photograph it. I mean, where do you get to see this?


This will be the last update for two days, as I’ll  go on a little trip with the girlfriend. I’ll be back on wednesday with a picture of the plane standing before the Skyvan, the Turbo Commander. On Friday I’ll be going to the European Airshow Convention so you may expect some updates about that on our Twitter page and a report on Saturday on this blog. To keep you busy during my two days off, I’ll post some pictures on the Facebook and Twitter page tonight and you can check out the new or at least the latest update. You would also do me a very big favor by simply voting on my poll on the Facebook page:


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