Bronco Arrival – The People

I always like to photograph the people involved in aviation. Thats why I like the All Access badge at Sanicole airshow or why I like the Photoflying Days, which is also about (meeting) people. When I photographed the arrival of the second Bronco in May ’12 I enjoyed the fact that I could get up close to the plane. This gave me  the opportunity to photograph the Bronco pilot as well as the other people who came to see it’s arrival. I was reminded only some months later that you always have to have attention for the people… After a day of work in a local restaurant I checked my cellphone. Someone had left a message. Not much info actually, just that the Bronco had crashed. Nothing more! Is the pilot ok? Were there a passenger? To make a long story short. Everything got well in the end. There was no passenger and the Bronco’s pilot, Tony, survived. He still has a long way to go but I’m looking forward to see him again next Friday during the European Airshow Convention. Another event that is centered around people rather than planes.



More people:

I’ll try to update on Thursday with the album of the Photoflying Days (Sunday). On Friday I’ll be at the European Airshow Convention that will finally kick off my 2013 photoyear. A bit late, I know! But I’ll post more about that on Saturday!


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