European Airshow Convention

 I had a good day yesterday at the European Airshow Convention. The convention is held anually somewhere in Belgium. This year it was organized in Antwerp for the first time. A very good change if you ask me! The convention is mainly for people in the airshow business. From airshow organizers to demopilots. Also our little aviation photocrew is attending the convention since 2010. Eric is even going much longer. The EAC starts on Thursday evening and ends on Saturday (noon). I unfortunately could only go on Friday. During the day several guest speakers try to learn the other something new by talking about their own experiences in the field. This year there were again some very interesting speakers. I especially enjoyed the ‘lessons learned from the Reno crash’ and ‘red 10’ talking about the Red Arrows and how they coped with the two crashed they suffered. It was also good to see some people again that I hadn’t seen in a while. Not only the photocrew, but also the Bronco Demoteam and some other people. My new photoyear has finally kicked off now. I’m all ready for some great photo opportunities!

Below I posted a few shots from the convention to give an impression. Nothing fancy, just some simple pictures. If you have any questions about the EAC, you can always ask it in the comments.

The flash with my picture on the cover and some other on the other pages






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