Storch with it’s legs in the snow

A first picture of the Slepcev Storch (wich means stork) in the snow. I was very happy to photograph this airplane in the grasfield in front of it’s hangar. With the engines running it blew the snow into the air which gave a nice photo opportunity. Although it’s not a Fieseler Storch but a 3/4 model of it, I still like the plane. Not only because of it’s looks, which most of the people don’t like. But also because of it’s performance. It takes off in no time and in no distance. Same counts for the landing. To add to all that, the type has a very nice history being involved in Mussolini’s escape ( I would like to thank the pilot, Walther, for this shoot but also for the nice flight I had in this Storch. Pictures from that day will be uploaded one day on here too.

I edited this photo in HDR bith without overdoing the details. I also added some saturation because the original file lacked some.



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