Blogpost #700 is a little review on my afternoon at Moorsele airfield yesterday. When the sun finally appeared and blue skies chased away the grey, I decided to visit one of my all time favorite local fields: Moorsele (EBMO). Unfortunately the sun disappeared quite fast and also the blue skies went away in favor of the same grey as the past weeks (not to say months). There  weren’t much planes to photograph but there was enough traffic to keep things interesting. It was also great to see some people again that I hadn’t seen in a while.

On these days at Moorsele when there isn’t much traffic, I always start photographing the field itself. Somehow I start to notice things I hadn’t before. The field has some old hangars that really look cool. Not only from the outside but also inside. They bear their markings from years and years of usage and that makes Moorsele even cooler. Besides the hangars there are allot more elements that make EBMO what it is now. Over the years I have a nice collection of photo’s from the airfield itself as well as the people and planes that fly at this field. Yesterday I made that collection a little bigger and that’s how I started to think about making an online zine or a little book or just something about Moorsele with these pictures. If anyone has a great idea about what I can do with my pics, you can always contact me.

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