A sight we hopefully won’t be having in the near future as spring has finally arrived! Kortrijk-Wevelgem covered with a layer of snow.


I decided to go on with my plan for the ‘Moorsele project’ I was talking about in my previous blogpost. I hope I’ll be able to make it to Moorsele a few times in the upcoming spring and summer to work on that. I already have an idea for the ‘airport’ part in which I’ll be documenting the field itself (hangars, club, buildings, etc.). I’d like to make a series of pictures in the style of the one I posted in the previous blogpost. How I’ll picture the planes/flying and the people is still a bit of a problem. I’m not sure if I should make ‘acted’ portraits or if I should photograph them in action. I’m also not sure if I should stick to black and white then or if I would use  color. Any feedback is welcome.

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