Blog award

Apron6 is awarded with the ‘very inspiring blogger award’ by

Schermafbeelding 2013-03-23 om 11.49.12

I wouldn’t call it a real reward. It’s just a fun way of letting someone know you like his work. So thanks for that! Apparently you don’t just get this reward. You have to do something; you need to earn it. Normally I don’t share these kind of things, but someone made the effort of coming to my blog to say that they appreciate my photo’s so I’ll make an exception for once.

First you need to mention the blogger giving you an award, which I already did. Second you need to state 7 things about yourself. I have no clue why this is necessary but why not…

1/ I’m 20 years old

2/ I study History at the university of Ghent

3/ I’m a member of the aviation photocrew

4/ I’m photographing aviation related things since 2007

5/ I want to show aviation as it is. Not only the air to air stuff, but also back to basic. The pilots, everything involved or happening around aviation. I try to get aviation photography out of the aviation world and show it to a wider audience.

6/ You can find me on Facebook and Twitter

7/ To all people asking me how I get to do all the flying things. I work at weekends to get myself enough money to pay for  these things. It’s hard work to get to do this.


As a third thing I need to nominate 15 inspiring blogs and link to them. Well, that will be difficult as I’m probably not even following 15 blogs. I’ll just stick to those few who actually inspire me…

– – Certainly nominated for the attitude award. If you really want something, you can achieve it.

– – A very different approach to aviation and a very nice writing style

– – Great photography

– – Simply inspiring


To end I need to notify these people and post this image.

I guess I just earned myself this award! Thanks again to Kevan.


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