Bronco Fan Day

I had a great afternoon yesterday at the airfield of Wevelgem. The Bronco Demoteam held it’s second Bronco Fan Day. Last year the event was held at the airfield of Moorsele, but due to Tony’s crash last summer the Bronco couldn’t be flown so they held it at the ‘home of the bronco’. Same like last year was of course the Bronco. Actually it’s not the same plane but still…There were also more planes to see. Tony’s Chipmunk and Marchetti were present and Walther brought his Slepcev Storch. The great people were the same too, but there were more than during the first edition. And of course the fantastic atmosphere was the same again. It was a nice opportunity to meet some people that I hadn’t seen in a while too. And of course I could take some photo’s as well. I’m already looking forward to next years edition or to some similar events, cause honestly, there should be many more of these little events. All you need is a hangar, some planes, something to eat and drink and you have a great afternoon.



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