I’m back after two days of photographing Chipmunks during the BullChipmeet at Abbeville. As most of the time when I go to France the weather was bad, but it didn’t ruin everything. There were 14 Chipmunks which made for a great view and some nice photo opportunities. Unfortunately no Bulldogs made it. On Friday we had a splendid sunset and also yesterday the sun broke through the dark clouds in the evening which gave a nice lighting for the pictures. The sun did it’s work to late unfortunately, so  the big formation of 13 Chipmunks got cancelled and with that also my only chance for a photoflight. The flight would have had me in a DR400 next to the big formation. Like said in a previous blogpost I would have tried to film too, but I was so busy taking pictures I forgot about it. So you may expect some very simple (underexposed) clips edited together on our Vimeopage in the upcoming weeks (instead of a well filmed and edited movie about the Chipmeet…). So, no photoflight but some very nice ground shots from the Chipmunks, the people and a Fouga certainly made up for it! Already looking forward to next years edition.



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