Aviation photo’s form the fifties: part II

It’s time for the second part of the aviation photo’s from the fifties. This part will be a bit shorter as I’m only discussing two pictures and I won’t do the introduction again. You can read more about the pictures used in this post here.

The two pictures used here will be two pics from Mosquito’s. Both would have been made at the airfield of Koksijde. But only the second is made there for sure. The building in the background is Ten Bogaerde. An old farmstead of a Cistercian abbey which is still used as a restaurant today. The first picture shows a Mosquito with a registration on it’s tail, but the bad quality of the photo makes it unreadable. It could be a MB-** registration (NF.30 type). The colour scheme used on this type of Mosquito seems to be the same as the one on the photo. According to this website, these planes were used at Bevekom, which makes it questionable where this photo is made. The truck in front of the Mosquito also has a number. Further investigation of this number could give an answer to where this was. The number seems to be BAF20649. Anyone who knows how to find the location by using this number is free to give an answer in the comment box below… It’s also not clear when this photo was made.


The Second photo shows a T/TT3 Mosquito. Certainly at Koksijde. This one is towing a target. It’s not sure which registration it has nor is it clear when the picture was made. According to this site the type was retired in 1955, so this picture has to be made before that date.


To anyone who could give further details about these pictures: you can always post your comments, ideas, suggestions in the comment box below or by email apron6blog@gmail.com

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