Phantom Pharewell

I’m back from two days of Phantoms at Wittmund. The first day made me realize again why I don’t like big events with lots of people. You can’t seem to make the touch with what’s going on. The planes just stand there, nothing happens… To add to that there were allot of frustrated people yelling at each other for no good reason and it rained the whole day… The second day turned out to be different. Grey at first and the same static shots as the first day, but then the sun came shining through the clouds and the Phantoms came out to play. I met some people I hadn’t seen in a while and everything just turned out fine. Certainly when I made it close to the Phantoms after their final flight. It gave me the opportunity to photograph the pilots after the flight, resulting in some pictures that do have the touch I was talking about. I’m very happy to have been there and see them fly no matter how high they were on my air to air wishlist (And I’ve missed them 3 time!). But they still fly in Turkey and Greece so you never know… I’d like to thank everyone involved in this trip (Spottertrips and those who made fun when things didn’t seem to go as we wished). Next stop: Lille Bondue if I can make it.

Just one quick edit that summarizes the event. More pictures will follow when I finish the previous 2013 albums.

5 thoughts on “Phantom Pharewell

  1. So glad it worked out for you in the end. Nice photos as well. I agree as well as so many others that Phantoms are Phun 😉


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