It’s time for a new album; the Phantom Pharewell. It sure was a long trip. Departing at 9 in the evening only to arrive at 6 in the morning at Wittmund. 6 hours ‘to early’. After a nap and Forrest Gump (Watched it for the 4th time and missed the end for the 4th time) we headed to the gate by foot. We weren’t allowed to enter by foot so we were send 500m further down the road to the shutlebus. This bus would bring us back to that same gate. For some strange reason the distance in Germany seems to be different cause we walked for about 1.5km only to arrive at a line of people which was again 500m long. The doors opened at 12 but not only the distances are different in Germany, there’s also a difference in time. As the first shutlebus only arrived at 1 o’clock. Luckily  there were a lot of busses so the long line of waiting people vanished in no time. Once at the base I got a little discouraged… Thousands of photographers all wanting to take the same photo, no flying displays and a lot of yelling. And had I already said it was raining the entire day? I must say I really tried very hard to make something different than those thousands of other photographers. The pics from this spottersday will be quite boring though. Most of them only involve a static Phantom in front of a shelter. The second album of the showday are a bit more divers, including pictures of the pilots etc. Comments are welcome as usual.


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