Super Constellation

Yesterday I finally saw another plane from my bucketlist: the Breitling Super Constellation. From the local field of Wevelgem over the Belgian coastline, the North Sea and the white cliffs of Dover. It was a bit uncomfortable to sit at the edge of the open ramp again since it’s been a year since my last Skyvan flight. But I forgot about that when the Connie closed in on us.A truly wonderful sight. I would like to thank Eric and my fellow Aviation Photocrew members, the Skyvan crew Bob and Koen, Edith, the entire Conniecrew, the other people who made this possible ‘behind the scenes’ (atc,…) and of course the other photographers, cause it wasn’t only fun during the flight but also before and after. More pics will follow later.


Update: I have removed the first air to air picture. Pictures will be posted again after publication!


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