Back home after the Hahnweide event. I wanted to upload a photo a day, but the internet at the hotel didn’t let me. So here are some pictures from the 3 days. The first day we arrived at Hahnweide in the late afternoon. There wasn’t much activity but I got some nice sunset shots.


Friday saw much more action. Many of the highlights arrived and I had the luck to do two great photoflights. On the first I got the chance to photograph the Ju-52. The forrest, hills and castles around Hahnweide made for a great background and the Dornier 27 proved  to be a fantastic photoship. In the evening we did another flight with the Bucker Bestmann and two T-6s. In between there were plenty of opportunities on the ground and an amazing sunset.



Yesterday was a repetition of Friday. Again the most beautiful weather, many planes and two photoflight. One with an Antonov 2 and one with another An-2 and a Rapide. As an end to the great weekend I photographed some of the planes at night.



To end I’d like to thank the people of Hahnweide, Eric, the other crewmembers, the pilots and Dietmar Schreiber.


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