Air to Air Academy: Day 4, 5, 6 and 7

It has been quite busy the last days so I’ve put the pictures from the previous days into one post.

Friday has been a great day with a nice flight with the Dornier. We were joined by two Mi-171’s. Later I got my first Skyvan flight of the week. Next to, and behind us we had the Hunter.



The sunsetshow in the evening turned into a show in very bad conditions due to the weather, but we had a Super Constellation flying over Belgium again. Finally!

Saturday turned into a worthless day for photo’s, but on the ground it was fun. Lot’s of talking and laughing.



Yesterday was another highlight. It was the Sanicole Airshow, but we went to Zwartberg to photograph some of the participants of the show. I should have flown in the T-33 backseat but that got cancelled. That sucked, but then I got the flight in the Skyvan. Not only the T-33 joined up, but also the Dutch Apache, French Rafale and the PC-7 team. Everything was just perfect! Beautifull skies, colours and planes!



Post flight was less good. While descending my ears started to hurt like hell. I was deff for the rest of the evening. Luckily this morning things were much better so I could join on the last flight of this Academy: 2 rafales. (Can’t post any of those yet!) Again during descend my ears hurt so unfortunately I had to cancel my flight to Basel in the super Constellation…. Big bummer! It was nice though to see some of my pictures being used by the Connie Crew as well as by the Sanicole team. (no pics of that though)

To end I’d like to thank every pilot involved in the flights, the fellow photocrew members for their hard work and help, every photographer who made this academy a fun one, the Sanicole team, and the pilots of our photoships. And especially the Skyvan crew for flying me to Wevelgem!


Now I’ll start editing loads of photo’s, also from Hahnweide and try to get them to the right people. And I’ll try to upload a pic a day the upcoming month cause I have to upload even more pictures than I have to edit…


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