A2A Academy 2013; how it began

September was one of the best months of the year. Not only did we visit the Oldtimer Flieger Treffen at Hahnweide (Germany) but we, the aviation photocrew, also had our very own event; the Air to Air Academy. An unique concept where photographers learn to take air to air photo’s. Not only lessons but they also go up in the air for some live action. The previous editions were held at the airfield of Zoersel, but this year we organized it at the famous Sanicole aeroclub, known for  the Sanicole Airshow. And that gave lots of opportunities. The first day saw no action as it was mainly setting up the hangar and do some of the last minute planning. The second day was much better photography wise. As you can see on the pictures below the flightline was full of our photoships so the planning of the first flight’s could get started. On the picture below you can see our flightplanner Michael, Skyvan pilots Bob and Tony, and the T-6 pilot Hanno. Pictures from the flight will follow in a later post.

Some more pictures and info about the A2A Academy can be seen here:








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