It was a good day

I had a great day yesterday. The day started with the preparation of the Skyvan. Around noon we were ready for take off for a photoflight to Midden Zeeland (The Netherlands). First the Extra 300 joined up for some aerobatics behind the Skyvan and after that we had the Bronco of the Bronco Demo Team coming from the UK. It also headed to Zeeland where it will be repainted. The second leg was from Midden Zeeland to Manston, to drop of the pilot who flew the Bronco to Zeeland. The last part, from Manston to Wevelgem, resulted in some nice pictures as well. The sunset above the North Sea was phenomenal! Add to all  this a great bunch of people and a nice dinner and you know I had a great day! More pictures will follow if I can get my Photoshop plugins working again…

Bob positioning his Extra 300 behind the skyvan. Still in a relatively straight and level position and still quite far. At some point my 24mm was way to much and the last part of the flight involved some spectacular rolls…
During the final part of the day we were flying above the North Sea, from Manston back to Wevelgem. The beautiful sunset and the lighting in the Skyvan made for some moody shots.

Dan Griffith looking very concentrated as he is positioning the Bronco low and close to the Skyvan. A great first time shooting this Bronco A2A.


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