This was 2013 in 13 posts

Last year I ended 2012 with thé 12 pictures of the year. This year I can’t end with 13 pictures, not only because it isn’t original but also because I haven’t sorted out all the pictures from this year. That’s why I’ll end with the 13 most viewed posts of 2013.

13. It was a good day. The thirteenth most viewed posts is a recent one I’ve made about my latest photoflight with an extra 300 and a Bronco. I’m amazed how fast this one made it to the 13th place!

12. Heinkel He-115 recovered. Actually this is a blogpost I’ve made in 2012, but it keeps on popping up in google search results. Apparently many people are still interested in the story!

11. Flanders Boogie. One of my personal highlights this year was the Flanders Boogie. I didn’t get any decent shots untill the very last moment of the day. The sun started to set and the sky turned into the most beautiful colours resulting in this sunset photo!

10. Air to Air Academy: Day 4, 5, 6 and 7. Certainly another highlight of the year. The post actually doesn’t give a good impression of what we did during those days. I could include some more shots like some of the Rafales, Apache, pc-7 team, … I can only tell you to hit the follow button cause  these pics are coming online soon!

9. Air to Air Academy: Day 2. Idem ditto as above!

8. In the shadow of Red Bull Stratos. Again one of those posts that people keep finding when searching Michel Fournier! Everybody keeps talking about Felix Baumgartner, but there are others who try/tried to do the same.

7. Super Constellation. After a couple of years of trying we finally managed to do a photoflight with the Breitling Super Constellation. It was a challenging flight to say the least, but the results were amazing. Ironically this  post   is one without an air to air shot!

6. Phantom Pharewell. I was more than happy to make it to the Phantom Pharewell, basically the last chance for me to see a flying Phantom (than I realised that Turkey isn’t that far away!). I managed to make some of my favorite shots at the Pharewell and it was a great experience to see and hear some low flying Phantoms!

5. Connie. I must say I’m happy to see at least one air to air photo from the Connie. And to make things better, it’s my favourite! Everything just came together in this picture.

4. Hahnweide. On #4 is the last photopost, one I’ve made after three days of Hahnweide. A new event for me and a great experience. We did some very nice photoflights and had three relaxing days in the last summer weather of 2013. If you wish to see more I recommend to follow this blog via mail, Facebook or Twitter cause I just started uploading the second album.

3. Making money with aviation photography. The last three highest ranked posts are the few opinion and history posts I’ve ever made. On the third place is this post I made about earning money with you aviation photo’s. I was amazed by how many respons I got on Facebook. Apparently what I was writing about is relevant for the whole field of photography!

2. Dear Another opinion post about the ridiculous screeningrules of Make sure to read the great answer by Summer Sortie!

1. Mig 23 Crash 1989 in Belgium. It really amazes me that this one made it to the first place. I’m not lying when I tell you that everyday people search for this crash on Google and then and up on my blogpost. It sure is an amazing story!

To end this post I’d like to thank everybody who has made 2013 what it was. The friends/pilots/crewmembers who made everything possible. May 2014 be as good!



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