Hahnweide B&W

Finally I found some time for a more decent blogpost. With some more pictures and a bit of info about them! Exams are almost over and the first plans for 2014 are being made. If all goes well the 20th I’ll do an interview with the Belgian aviation website Hangarflying.be. And I might go and take a look at the Storch as well. Below are some more pictures I’ve made at Hahnweide. Another album I’ve almost finished. After that I’ll continue with an album I started almost a year ago about the airfield of Moorsele. Back then I posted one shot but I forgot about the rest. So keep an eye on here for more!

Don’t forget that we have a ‘related’ section below each post now. So you can easily click your way to related blogposts!


A very matching T-shirt for an event like the Oldtimer Flieger Treffen. Bronco Demo Team member were present, but unfortunately no Bronco.
The P-38 Lightning had a little accident. The tail hit the ground while pushing the plane and a part of the tail got bend. Luckily helping hands were soon trying to fix the problem together with some of people of the Flying Bulls. Though this photo doesn’t really show a glamorous part of aviation, it still is a part of it! And somehow I’m happy to have photographed it.

Though they’re in my photo, this film crew basically ruined my photo opportunity of the parachutists getting in the plane. Apparently their director found the clicking of my camera to annoying. If he had his way I wouldn’t be able to show this pic at all.


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