My weekend could have started better. One of my external harddrives refuses to connect to my macbook and I presume with any other computer for that matter… Luckily I have two back ups, but with the one down only one remains. So first thing to do on Monday is getting me another harddrive. Another 125€ of my 2014 flying budget gone for nothing! This weekend doesn’t only mark the end of my harddrive but also of the Hahnweide album, as this is the last post. To end I would like to post some of the nightshots I made. I really enjoyed taking these. Up next will be some pictures I made almost a year ago at Moorsele showing some of the ‘hidden’ spots of the airfield.






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  1. airscapemag says:

    Thanks for sharing Hahnweide with us so beautifully. It’s really interesting to compare your visual coverage with that in, say, Classic Wings magazine. I can’t wait for you to reveal the hidden spots of Moorsele.


    1. apron6 says:

      Thanks! They’ll be online on monday if all goes well.


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