Today wasn’t really a good day. Yesterday evening I found two of my pictures on the Facebook page of an aviation magazine. Usually people ask to use my photo’s and if it’s for Facebook I just give them in exchange for a proper credit. This time however nobody has asked anything. To make things worse the contrast, saturation and lighting were changed and my logo was poorly photoshopt out of my photo. I contacted the magazine to ask for an explanation and received an answer this morning. Apparently they ‘found’ my photo’s like that on the net. Unfortunately they could not remember where that was. I then asked for a financial compensation which they refused, after all it ‘was not their fault’ and they did delete the pictures so there was no problem anymore! After I explained they violated my copyright and I at least wanted a compensation they simply didn’t respond anymore. I immediately had to think about a blogpost I once wrote: It’s yet another story to add to that post.

There’s also some good news. While searching some pictures I came across this one. I’ve posted it before on Facebook but apparently not this blog. So here it is! I found out that I haven’t uploaded the full Vulcan album either so you can expect that soon!



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