Mi-171 II

I had the idea when 2014 started, but now (after seeing some ridiculously bad photo’s in magazines) I decided to actively strive for publications this year. I got so many opportunities during the past 7 years and I never really tried to get them into magazines or anything else! My pictures are just stored at my external harddrives never to be really used. I think it’s time to really show them to the world. I guess it’s not a simple task as there are many great and better photographers out there, but it’s worth the try.

The pictures below are showing one of those opportunities. An A2A flight with two Mi-171’s! Some more can be seen here: https://apron6.com/2014/02/09/mi-171/




2 thoughts on “Mi-171 II

  1. I wish you luck selling to magazines and am sure to see your photos. As for the one at the top — I love that Dornier!


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