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It’s time for another album. This time I’ll upload an album made last October, when I joined Bob on a flight with the Commander to Turweston. There we exchanged the plane for a car and drove to Cambridge. The next day we continued to Duxford. More about the trip can be found here:

It may also be interesting to publish some questions I got by mail a couple of days ago. I get these questions quite often so now I’ll only have to answer them once.

– How much does a photoflight cost?

This actually really depends on what you’re flying and what you’re photographing. When a Yak is used as photoship you’ll end up paying less then when you use a Skyvan. But the Skyvan has space for more photographers. Of course it also depends if the pilot wants his picture and pays for the flight or not.

– What camera and lenses do you use?

Since a couple of years I use the Nikon D7000 with a 17-70, 24-85 and a 80-200mm, but I barely use the 17-70 or the telelens. When you have to use the 200mm you’re simply to far from your subject. It’s much more fun to take the 24mm and get close to the subject. The 17mm is even more fun but isn’t always that sharp unfortunately… Since I have an Iphone I also use that to take some pictures to instantly upload to my Facebook and Twitter page. I downloaded some editing apps so they should get better in the future! And since today I started to use Instagram in an attempt to photograph more non aviation related stuff. Even though these shots are made with Iphone you can still do some pretty nice things with it!




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