I had an enjoyable weekend to say the least. With the Photocrew we headed to Kemble (Cotswold Airport) to do a photoflight with the only flying Canberra PR9. Unfortunately I didn’t have a seat on this flight, but luckily the other crewmembers got to see it flying behind the Skyvan (Which got a cool new paint!). And we could make some other photographers very happy! Even from the ground it was an impressive sight to see the Canberra fly behind the Skyvan, it even made our Skyvan look small. The low pass after the flight also made up for staying on the ground.

I did get to fly too though! Bronco-Jet Provost formation and 2 Gazelles. The first flight was rather tricky standing up in the back of the Skyvan. Not because I was on the last line, but because things got very bumpy. The second flight was more comfortable, sitting on the edge of the cargo door.

I really had a good couple of days thanks to both the other Photocrew members, but also thanks to the Bronco Demo Team and all crews involved in the photoflying: the Skyvan crew, Gazelle crews, Jet provost crew and of course the Canberra Crew!

Do check out our Photocrew FB page for the Canberra pictures and the new Skyvan paint, and my Instagram for some more of my (iPhone) shots.




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