Book project

There has been a tendency lately for aviation photographers to publish their own calendars and books. I never really wanted to do something like that. I didn’t feel like putting a book together consisting of pictures of airplanes. But then I thought I might make a book after all, but differently. Only with pictures that are good  from a photographic point of view or pictures that are good because they show aviation in a different way and not because it’s an A2A shot or a special plane. A book that everyone can enjoy.

Why would I do this? Because it would give me the opportunity to see what I have been doing the past 8 years. What have I photographed, and more importantly, what aspects of aviation have I not photographed, or not enough? It’s also a good way to see my pictures in a series instead of separately. It also gives me the opportunity to put another project into a new one. The Moorsele series which I have been talking about a while ago could get a place in this book. Of course it would also be a nice thing to show to the right people. To show that aviation is more than the planes.

Now, how would I do all of this? I don’t want to do this with a publisher, nor can I do this. It would cost me lot’s of money to get things printed and it would leave me with piles of books that would never get sold. And I actually only need one copy, so I will do this with the often used website ‘blurb’. The quality may not be the highest, but it doesn’t need to be as I’m making this book primarily for myself. Still if someone wants to see it, they can. The books on blurb can be seen online and you can order a copy.

I already have an idea about what aspects of aviation I want to focus on, so now it a matter of making a first rough selection. I will try to update here regularly for those who also want to work with Blurb. So you can expect a blogpost in the upcoming week about me, selecting way to many pictures…

Below is a picture that certainly has to be in the final selection. As for me, this is aviation.



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