10 thoughts on “Gazelles

  1. Great shots. Find choppers difficult to catch just right. Franchement, je pense que vos photos sont mieux que leurs quelques photos de vol sur leur site web – I remember seeing The Sharks display several times when they were still a Royal Navy Team. One of my favourite planes is the Fairey Swordfish, which is a rare bird to see other than from the Royal Navy Historic Flight.Only once did i see The Sharks fly in formation with the Swordfish and was bizarre to see the ancient and modern together .Bon weekend.


    1. Thanks. They might use them on their site later on. Which I hope 🙂 I must say the Swordfish is one my favourites and certainly on the A2A to do list. It really is a graceful plane!


      1. Hope you get the A2As on their site & a wider audience. Love the ancient “Stringbag”. Was to display one year on north coast of Northern Ireland, where the only good weather was, for a miraculous change, in whole of UK. Most other airshows cancelled. Heard on the airband radio the Stringbag was over the Isle of Man, mid Irish Sea & because of wind had to cancel appearing at Portrush, as wind so strong it was flying backwards! Seen the Storch do that too. Bonne chance pour les photos sur le site ligne. Can’t concentrate on anything at moment as the France Suisse match is on & the locals are a bit noisy! I’ll just take another ale & click awaw searching more great aircraft photos. Have a great weekend my friend & bonne chance pour Belgique.


      2. Thanks! I know a guy who owns a Storch. Had to fly from Normandy to Wevelgem (Belgium). He had head wind and it took him ages to get back. But that’s part of the fun with these planes. And that’s real flying!
        Enjoy your evening. Guess the locals will celebrate with a score as this! Hope the Belgians play this good on Sunday.


      3. The Storch & French built Criquets are amazing to watch. Even though i’m on a cane i think i could out walk it in a headwind! The Swiss making a come back & not going down too well, but think French will still win. Waiting for the fireworks & tuneless drunk singing in the streets. Nothing else do do but open another brune, for “self medication”! Have a good one Biggles! 6-2 to the Frogs now. The commentators going over the top & nearly wetting themselves!


      4. The French are flying without planes! Official score France 5 Suisse 2. A 6th from France went in just on the ref’s last whistle, & they didn’t count it. naturally the locals complaining greatly & threatening to lynch the referee! Lol. Or should i say Mdr? The noise here is encroyable, fireworks & bangers, car horns, idiots drunker than me yelling & singing from balconies. Still prefer air shows, & yelling out the aircraft i recognise, & what company they come from, Old Warden, Ferte Alais, Fighter Collection, Bronco, Vulcan to the Sky, etc, etc.


      5. Have to sweat out the warbird addiction until Bastille day, 14 Julliet, & hope can get transport to Prouvy, for the show. Until then i’ll continue to say “Bonjour Nungesser” to every light aircraft that passes. Well i’m Northern Irish, slowly turning Ch’ti, so insanity is expected, & i try not to disappoint! For 2 or 3 weeks before many aircraft do familiarisation flights over the area & Place d’Armes perfect place to lounge, take a cold brune or saison (yes Café de Paris changed to Leffe sur pression) & watch a mini airshow overhead.


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