Last week I had an amazing flying week. As member of the Aviation Photocrew I could join in on an amazing project. In coorporation with the Belgian Air Force Days we did some unbelievable photoflights. But also the showdays, both from the public side and the ops side were great. Hanging out with great people doing great things. And the party on Sunday evening was a great end! I can’t show any A2A pictures because they will be used for a book but I can say they are looking good and some of the subjects are very unique to say the least. I’ll also wait to post the ground shot so our crew site and book have the exclusivity, but I do want to share one picture from the Frecce on the runway with smoke. And of course a couple of iPhone pictures. I also played with Hyperlapse so I might post some of those later on! Don’t forget to check the previous blogpost for some more shots. And thanks to everyone who made all of this possible and made this week so cool!

frecce13-09-14_1g IMG_2939.JPG IMG_2837.JPG IMG_2953.JPG IMG_2970.JPG IMG_2971.JPG


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