Skyvan gets the ‘special forces’ look

After G-PIGY, G-BEOL got it’s repaint in true ‘special forces’ style. Bob caught some shots from the Skyvan on his way to his homebase.

It might be a good idea to set up a photoflight with one or both Skyvans as photosubjects instead of a flight in it’s usual role as photoship. After all they do look very nice like this.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Shot with iPhone.



5 thoughts on “Skyvan gets the ‘special forces’ look

  1. Great photo and great scheme. Live Chez les Ch’tis in northern France, up against border, but originally from Northern ireland, where these old girls were built. Never seen them in anything but civvy dress back on old sod. A very few regional airliners, even in their heyday, and usually paradroppers for parachute clubs. Would like to see them and their little sister SD330s in military uniform, more often – would be something different for air shows as they are almost out of service worldwide in the military. Great shot biloute.

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      1. Pretty unique in Europe i’d think – bet it would be popular on air show circuit itself like that. Rare bird, with limited production run and rarely seen by public in military guise. Would add to their income from photoship business, and surely make a small fortune doing both at same time at air shows. Thanks for another unique photoshot again.


    1. Thanks. We’ll try to post more of these iPhone snaps. Just random shots in between all the DSLR pictures. A bit of a new start. Also with this new look 🙂


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