The ideal living room view

This is what you call a room with a view. Helicopters passing by and business jets taking off and landing. Not bad!



4 thoughts on “The ideal living room view

  1. Parfait, presque – i’d prefer overlooking somewhere like the pan or runways at Duxford or Bruntingthorpe. My best view was overlooking Belfast City airport from our kitchen for couple of years. Best view was when Clinton visited and some of security team arrived, and saw the armoured vehicles everywhere and alive with US and British Army Air Corps, and RAF choppers.

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      1. Ay oh! You live a charmed life on all your photo missions mate, to your readers. Long time since got so close to my belovéd warbirds, unlike you. Ah the number of times i’ve toured “Sally B” and nearly been pushed out the bomb doors by ignorant Anglos; ripped the back pocket or the belt loop of my trousers on the .50s in the waist positions; the joys of being polite, standing back and getting an enormous bleu, after knocking the waist blister window shut on my ass in a Catalina. Me accident prone? One of first phrases connected to me, since came to live here in the 59 “Catastrophe ambulante”. Next visit to Belgium, next month to Quiévrain, for cigarettes et tabac of course! Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année mon ami. Hope the book sales going well


      2. Book sale could go better, but it’s not really a problem as it’s print on demand. It doesn’t cost me anything 🙂 Enjoy the last week of 2014 and that 2015 may be a good one!


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