12 Aviation Instagram accounts you should follow

UPDATE: It’s great to see so many people visiting this post every day. The list of Instagram accounts below is no longer up to date. That’s why I made a new list with my current favorite accounts. You can check it here: https://apron6.com/2016/10/28/6-aviation-instagram-accounts-you-should-follow/ But do not mind to check out the ones below as well.

Instagram is full of great accounts and some of them have stunning aviation photos. Here’s a list of 12 accounts I follow and are certainly worth to subscribe to! Add your favorite account in the comments!

Theodore Wright is quite the man. He’s a pilot flying a L-39, and driving luxurious cars. It’s like the Dan Bilzerian of the aviation world!

23 year old female pilot from Sweden. Sounds like a killer combo and it is! An account with stunning heli action.

Everyone knows those big KC-135 tanker planes. This account gives an exclusive behind the scenes of the work as a boom operator. Fuelling up fast jets and big cargoplanes.

Kirby Chambliss probably doesn’t need an introduction. But did you know he has a great Instagram account?

One of the photographers who’s a real inspiration for me is Jessica Ambats. So it was quite a no brainer to follow her Instagram feed as well. Great A2A shots and behind the scenes. A must follow for other photographers!

Airborne office #pilatus #pc12

A post shared by Jessica Ambats (@jessicaambats) on

We have all seen those pictures of airliners landing at an airport. Airliners.net is full of them. The problem is they all look exactly the same, but this Instagram account is showing how it could be done. Little pieces of art.

Hollywood motion picture helicopter pilot. Quite a title, but he lives up to it. Every single shot makes me want to visit the place that he flies over.

A pretty straight forward account. With the name Businessjets, you can expect exactly that.

🔁 @jetsiah #BusinessJets #instavioes #instagramaviation #gulfstream #g4

A post shared by BusinessJets™ (@businessjets) on

Artur Arkisyan is in the Russian air force and has an Instagram filled with russian jets, flares, and formation flying.

The last two are quite alike. Both are Instagrams of helicopter magazines. Both with stunning heli action photos.

Of course you can find me on Instagram as well. It’s more a personal account but of course it has a lot aviation photos and a look behind the scenes on trips.

Feel free to add your favorite Instagram account or your own account in the comment section.

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