Fiction becomes fact: Vintage Airline advertisements

During the Interbellum and post WWII years the airplanes looked better than now; air travel was far more stylish and the advertisements made by airlines where true pieces of art. In this gallery I collected 20 stylish advertisements from several European and American airlines. They take us back to the time when fiction became fact and airplanes had some very sleek lines. To the time when the world got smaller thanks to the introduction of jet engines and flying in wintertime wasn’t self-evident. The time when Zeppelins were crossing the Atlantic and you could travel to another country between two meals. And to the time when a German airplane casting a shadow over Western Europe didn’t have the connotation it would get a decade later.

If commercial flying these days could only be as vibrant and divers as these advertisements…

Check back next Wednesday for some vintage air race posters.


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