Top 10 movie aircraft

It’s the Oscar ceremony this Sunday. The ideal moment to make a blogpost related to movies. We could have posted a list of the top ten aviation movie scenes, but we would probably end up with yet another compilation of TopGun, Les chevaliers du ciel and other movies that have been used to much. A little different would have been the seen from Kingsman in which our much used photoship, the Skyvan, appears. But instead of going down that path we would like to present you the 10 best fictional aircraft used in movies. From basic airplanes to heavy armed flying tanks. You name it, it’s been done!

– Spoiler Alerts –

10. Blue Thunder

Even if you haven’t seen the film, you probably know Blue Thunder. This stealthy, hi-tech helicopter used to protect L.A. is actually nothing more than a modified Gazelle helicopter. But truth be told, it looks realistic and very cool!

9. Hydra Wing – Captain America, the first Avenger

There are a ton of movies that have superior Nazi weapons in them. A famous one is the Indiana Jones flying wing. Well, in Captain America the flying wing is even more badass. It gigantic to start with, has propellors and afterburners, and it has little planes with it. Unfortunately the thing goes down in the end.

I had the luck to photograph one of the real planes used in Captain America. The Beech is the one Captain America jumps from behind enemy lines. A nice surprise to see this one at the photoflying days back in 2012. For the fanboys, here’s the link:

8. AT-99 ‘Scorpion’ Gunship – Avatar

Blue Thunder looked badass but compared to the AT-99 it really looks like nothing more than a toy plane. With two rotors, much like the Osprey, 4 guns and a ton of missiles it’s definitely the coolest plane in the movie. If you’re geeky enough you can read an entire article about this plane here:

7. Hydra Parasit – Captain America, the first Avenger

We just talked about the flying wing. Well, it was filled with some of these good looking vintage fighters. We couldn’t seem to find any footage of these planes hence the picture. Those familiar with the pc game, Crimson Skies, will recognize this plane as it looks a bit like the Bloodhawk. I’ll make a blogpost about Crimson Skies somewhere in the summer to celebrate the 15th ‘birthday’ of this classic game.

Daniel Simon / Captain America. Copyright Marvel Studios
Daniel Simon / Captain America. Copyright Marvel Studios

6. Starblaster – Guardians of the Galaxy

Probably the most futuristic plane in the this list is the Starblaster. It’s a very strange looking plane which appears in the Guardians of the Galaxy. They are used to form a gigantic shield by connecting many of them together. This scene is unfortunately not on Youtube.


5. Patlabor

On 5 I have put the movie Patlabor. This manga style movie seems to have some pretty good looking things. Unfortunately it’s quite hard to find videos of it, but if you have some time I would strongly recommend to google it. You’ll find some pretty good stuff. The modified F-14 being one of them. I chose to post a helicopter instead because it looks like the Blue Thunder and AT-99 mixed together.

600px-Patlabor_Hellhound_trio 1343783_m

4. Thunderbird 2 – The Thunderbirds

A lot of kids grew up watching The Thunderbirds. Truth be told, it was a fantastic show. I mean, they had Tracy Island to start with. It looked so good with the sixties design! As if the island wasn’t enough they had great cars, boats and planes. Ever since I first got a Thunderbird 2 toy I found it a simple but cool concept.

3. Bat – Batman: The dark knight rises

Batman has had some pretty sick bat mobiles. From the sleek 1989 version to the military looking Tumbler. He has had some cool boats, think of the batboat from Batman Forever. And of course, he has had some nice airplanes as well. We probably all remember the Bell with batwings, but the coolest Batplane is definitely the Bat from The Dark Knight Rises. And yes, it does come in black…

2. Stark Jet – Iron Man

What is really nice about the Stark jet is it’s simplicity. It took a couple of looks before I noticed that it’s actually a special plane and not just a random 737. The 737 has some nice looks, but the Iron Man version really takes it to a higher level! But to be honest, if I had the Iron Man suit I wouldn’t even care to use the jet.

1. Heli Carrier – The Avengers

Number one on this list is the Heli Carrier from The Avengers. Because why take a plane if you can take a carrier. Notice the Alpha jets and Harriers.

We hope you enjoyed this list of 10 movie aircraft. Don’t forget to like and share and give your favorite movie airplane in the comments!

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17 thoughts on “Top 10 movie aircraft

      1. So ugly it’s beautiful! I would recommend either version of Flight of the Phoenix for aviation fans. The original is a true classic, while the remake may have a more appealing contemporary style for modern audiences.
        The original also features a full scale aircraft made from a single boom from a C-119. That aircraft actually flew until it crashed, killing famous stunt pilot Paul Mantz. The remake used all RC models.


    1. I was doubting to put the X-wing in it, simply because of its stunning looks. But than again they’re more spacecraft than aircraft so I decided not to. What’s your favorite from Star Wars?


  1. Tora, tora, tora! – most all of the Jap planes were disguised American trainers such as the AT-6, etc. Does that count as fictional?


    1. Not according to the rules we applied 🙂 But there are indeed still some T-6’s flying around as Zero’s. It’s just not the same knowing they’re basically just T-6’s.


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