Brussels Air Museum Part I: The Photographic Point Of View

In this three part series, we’ll try to give an impression of the Brussels Air Museum. In this first part we’ll take a look at the photographic opportunities the museum offers, but first we’ll say a few words about the museum. The Brussels Air Museum is part of the larger Belgian Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History in Brussels. Except for the aviation hall it contains a large number of uniforms, guns, canons, tanks and two exhibitions about the two World Wars. One of which is temporary. One smaller part contains medieval armor and weapons. As said, the aviation hall is part of this museum and contains a large number of airplanes from the very first attempts to modern jets. The second part of this series will go deeper on this subject.

From a photographic point of view the museum has several treats to offer. Though the building might not be in the best condition, the architecture offers for a stunning setting. Contrary to many museums the planes are not lit up by spots, but all lighting has to come from sunlight falling in. When lucky and the sun is actually shining you might be able to catch some very moody shots if you play with light and shadow. Most of the collection is unfortunately not positioned in such a way that it’s lit up by sunlight which makes many of the pictures dark. The way the planes are positioned gives you several options to photograph them, but as it’s often the case with museums, you can’t get to close or do a 360 around them. The first floor on the other hand does give you the opportunity to photograph most of the planes from an elevated position. Below are a couple of pictures made by playing with the only bit of sunlight that fell through the window that day. Feel free to add a comment about them or leave your own experience with photographing in the Brussels Air Museum.


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