The Swastika Hurricane: A British icon with a strange marking.

We have posted pictures from this beauty before but never really told the story behind the Swastika’s. Many people responded with disbelief. How could this iconic British plane have nazi markings? Well, it could because they are not nazi markings!

Before WWII the Finnish Air Force used the Swastika as a symbol. At that point the symbol of course did not have the negative meaning that it got during the war. Back than it was used by Swedish count Eric von Rosen and it meant ‘good luck’. The same count donated a plane bearing the markings and so it ended up being used as the Air Force insignia between 1918 en 1945.

And with this misunderstanding out of the way it’s time to truly enjoy this good looking machine.

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4 thoughts on “The Swastika Hurricane: A British icon with a strange marking.

  1. These images make a great lesson in how much background affects an image, even when the main subject doesn’t change or move that much. And the dichotomy of nazi markings on the British Bulldog has an interesting aside – apparently it’s the only time two democracies have ever declared war on each other.


  2. Eric von Rosen was a pilot and gave Finland’s airforce their first airplane. They took his ‘lucky’ sign. Eric von Rosen was also a leading nazi and his brother-in-law was Herman Göring.

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