Brussels Air Museum: the collection

In this second part of the Brussels Air Museum album we’ll focus on the collection. The museum offers a large range of airplanes, most of which have serve in the Belgian Air Fore, but also some foreign planes. They range from the very first airplanes to modern day jets. The biggest part of the collection is in a good shape, but a couple of them are almost falling apart.

The Seaking has lost it’s tail. Not sure, but it might be because of the lack of space. The collection is always growing but there is no option of extra hangers, partially because the museum is located in the centre of Brussels. Unfortunately this is what they have to do to fit all the planes in the building.

The Siko next to the Seaking is experiencing some problems with the paint on the nose which is cracking. Same for the Vampire. Other planes suffer cracked windows and holes in the wings. Luckily the largest part of the collection is in a good shape and some of them look like you could get in and fly away.

The building is also in very bad conditions with paint falling down. It could use a restoration project, but unfortunately this requires massive amounts of money…

Have a look at the at the album below for more information about the collection.


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